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Mr. Sugrim, who was a massage therapist and one-time trainer for the Yankees, described himself as a onetime “meathead who couldn’t touch his toes.” He ran marathons and lifted a lot of weights in the gym. “But it didn’t feel complete,” said Mr. Sugrim, 35.

This beginner-friendly yoga sequence is all about strengthening the core muscles. Jai Sugrim, a yoga teacher based in New York City, instructs two students of varying levels in how to approach this sequence with proper alignment, so as to maximize results.

Jai Sugrim, (@jaisugrim) a New York yoga teacher, TV host, and athletic trainer, teaches a health and wellness program that brings mindfulness practices to high school students and athletes in Harlem.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the connection between ancient yoga philosophy and the current state of yoga, Jai Sugrim is the man to talk to. After taking home a World Series ring working as the New York Yankees personal trainer, Jai took a different path and looked for something deeper.

“The minute you put Sanskrit into a curriculum … some parents are going to freak out,” agrees Jai Sugrim, a yoga instructor who’s taught in schools.