Corporate Wellness

Jai Sugrim is an expert at helping companies to create group flow in the workplace. “Flow” is an optimal state of consciousness where time dilates, ego falls away, and we feel and perform our best. When a team is in complete concentration, has shared goals, shared risk and familiarity, practices open communication and equal participation, and listens closely to one another, they are able to enter a group flow state, practically guaranteeing exponential personal and company-wide success.

Jai’s high-performance toolbox includes methods from yoga, mindfulness, breath control, shamanism, and strength training. He shares these techniques through speeches, group exercises, guided mindfulness practice, breathing exercises, meditation, and fitness and wellness facility design. He creates a sense of community in the workplace by setting up an environment conducive for deep listening which allows shared values to rise and egos to blend.

Jai has worked previously with Martin Scorsese, Naomi Campbell, Highbridge Capital, The Fortress Investment Group, the physical education staff at Frederick Douglas Academy in Harlem, and the New York Yankees.